.LIVE Overview

A .LIVE web address gives media companies, award shows, entertainment venues and promoters, and purveyors of live streaming and digital events a memorable and easy-to-find location for live events.

Rightside is committed to building the .LIVE brand through a combination of marketing programs, partnerships, and outreach initiatives. Our marketing strategy includes partnering with the brands to build awareness and market visibility.

*Stats current as of July 2014.

Three ways to win with .LIVE

Increase SEO potential

Get noticed in search results with a .LIVE address. The domain is recognized more quickly, leading to more traffic and greater credibility.

Instant recognition

Whether your coverage is regionally focused, topic focused, or product focused, there are simple, memorable, and available domain names for you.

Direct content: Fewer clicks

Besides being your primary domain, it can deep-link to a blog post on your existing website today, forward to your YouTube channel tomorrow, and redirect to a trending hashtag on Twitter next week.

Premium Domains

Short, memorable, highly brandable, and SEO-rich, Premium Domains make up some of the most sought-after domain names on the market. Contact us at premiumsrightsideco to inquire about premium or platinum domains.

Where to Register .LIVE