About Military Top Level Domains .ARMY .NAVY .AIRFORCE

Our TLDs are for the Internet community to express themselves online with websites, email addresses and other communications tools that utilise the DNS system.

We anticipate the domains to be owned and used by a wide variety of people.

For example:

  • Active duty members and their families
  • Veterans and veteran support organizations
  • Businesses great and small
  • Social clubs, organisations and charities
  • International corporations or brands

Our Acceptable Use (Anti-Abuse) Policy and Terms and Conditions are designed with the safety and security of the global internet community in mind.

Of particular note from our Terms and Conditions:
“Registrants must take steps to ensure against misrepresenting or falsely implying that they or their business is affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by one or more countries’ or government's military forces if such affiliation, sponsorship or endorsement does not exist.”

Should you discover a user, registrar, or registrant violating our Anti-Abuse Policy or Terms and Conditions, you are encouraged to notify our Abuse Coordinator: registryabuserightsideco