Premium Domains

Not all domain names are created equal.

With the advent of new top-level domains, today's online world is rich with opportunity. And with Premium Domain names, your customers can get a coveted space that engages and connects with their audience in a way that wasn’t possible before. Each of our new TLDs will have a number of Premium Domains, each ready to tell its own unique story.

We spent a lot of time working to get the perfect TLDs, so that our partners could benefit from the revenue and engagement opportunities they offer. But we're not done yet. We've created the industry’s most advanced Premium Domain identification and pricing approach, utilizing industry data, editorial oversight and a sophisticated algorithm that understands the quality of the domain, as well as its relevance and applicability to the particular TLD.

The end result for you? You never end up paying too much for a domain—premium or otherwise.

Don't miss your chance

The majority of our Premium Domains will be available during all phases of a TLD's launch. However, a small number of Premium Domains may be reserved for sale at a later date.

A new way to go premium

In the past, most Premium Domains were only available from private parties. But we're changing it up.

Now, registrars can sell Rightside Registry's Premium Domains, even if they’ve never been registered. We'll also use regular auctions, managed by appropriate third parties, to distribute Premium Domains. And for some TLDs, a limited number of Premium Domains may be offered through exclusive partner arrangements. Whatever the case, we're committed to making life a little bit easier for our registrar partners.